Well, four weeks ago, we moved from London to Worthing, by the sea.

It’s great – literally a breath of fresh air :-)

But the telecoms are rubbish – people frying breakfast on the POTS line, so the modem ran at about 32k for about 10 minutes before dropping the lines. Two machines didn’t like the move and needed reinstalling.

Then I bought a nice new laptop so I can function in London and at home, and ordered broadband. A great service, but the provisioning and support is lamentable (I’ll be polite!). Although, to give the company concerned their due, nothing that follows in this story is directly atributable to them.

Trying to get the network to talk to broadband has been over two weeks of utter nightmare. Let’s make this quick. ICS didn’t like sharing the connection, Radio doesn’t like proxy servers, and I still can’t get the video part of Windows Messenger to work at all.

I used Sygate Home Network for nearly two weeks, until I found the company didn’t seem to know about how to get some of my key apps working, and didn’t appear to be interested in working with me to make them function. UserLand was more helpful, but there’s still an unanswered question from over a week ago. Don’t worry – I figured it out myself.

After 9 hours of sweat and rebooting until 1:30 this morning, I got ICS working, but only in fits and starts. But I figured out the answer as I lay in bed.

So I got it all running this morning without too much hassle. Radio is now up and running – hooray! – but it looks as if I’ll have to put XP on the Internet gateway machine if I’m going to get Video Messenger to work. I still have to do a little digging on that one.

Why does is have to be all so pigging difficult? Why does setting up a simple small LAN and connecting it to the Net involve hours of shutting down and rebooting? Why is it beyond the wit of Microsoft to make this a 30 minute job, rather than a 300 hour one?