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Falling out of love

My last post was about a wiki. I was in love with WxWikiServer.

It was a flirtation that lasted a week. I loved what the wiki did, and marvelled at how easy it was to get up and running. But after a week being stared at by that damned bear and a page design that didn’t deserve the name, I said enough’s enough.

All the publicity around Backpack led me to Instiki, and from there I followed the fork to Pimki, a wiki with a PIM flavour.

Installation was almost as easy as with WxWikiServer and the simple, clean interface is something I can live with.

The only downside is that Instiki/Pimki doesn’t seem as solid as WxWikiServer – I’ve had a couple of crashes.

But I’m hooked. A wiki now takes its place alongside my word processor, Web browser, spreadsheet, and text editor as an application I use every day. But it’s not every day you add a new category of application to your arsenal.


  1. Hi David – saw your bug report on Pimki, but I need more info.

    Cheers and thanks for publishing (positively :) about Pimki,

  2. Thanks Assaph

    Nice to see Pimki being so actively supported.

    And glad you found my blog!



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