I hate the Royal Mail and just about everything to do with it.

It’s unreliable and slow – and hence expensive. And today they won’t answer the bloody phone. What’s more, the system just cuts off after what feels like hours – and, of course, I’m paying for the call because the Royal Mail ‘press 5 to blow up the whole edifice’ system has answered the call. I guess they’re making a cut from the 0845 number I called.

Now I have to schlep right over to the sorting office to retrieve a Special Delivery item someone sent while I was in Cornwall. If I could get through, then I could arrange for them to deliver it to me.

What a complete waste of time!

I particularly hate the Royal Mail because it’s a service that worked better – faster and with more frequent deliveries – years ago than it does now.

That has to be wrong, doesn’t it?