Mango, raspberry and orange smoothie

Makes nearly 500ml – I call that one serving, you may call it two 😉

  • The flesh from half a large mango or one smaller
  • A handful of raspberries
  • One orange, peeled and quartered
  • Half a banana
  • A splash of apple juice from a carton to get the whole lot going (or if you want to dirty your juicer, the juice from one apple)

Dump the lot into your blender goblet and blend until, er, smooth!

One thought on “Mango, raspberry and orange smoothie

  1. Great recipe. I’m trying it out over the weekend as I have raspberries in the garden. Check out my blog and see what I came up with to use them as in my housenobody wants to eat fresh picked.
    This I’m sure my family is going to like best.
    Will visit your blog again and again, a visit is welcome and a comment appreciated.

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