10 tips to help you write a great Adwords ad

  • Understand the pain – what pain does your product or service help ease for your customer? Sell the solution
  • Understand and communicate your strengths – if you’re the cheapest, play it up! If you’re selling something that’s difficult to get, be very clear about it
  • Don’t advertise your company or product name – unless you have an instantly recognisable brand, people will ignore your ad. They really aren’t interested in your company, and if they don’t know your product, they’ll ignore that as well
  • Know the rules inside out – read the rules and make sure you understand when you’re stretching them. Or why you might want to
  • Watch the quality rating in the Adwords control panel – get as many Great ratings as you can. They’ll save you money as your CPCs become lower
  • Do A/B testing – Adwords allows you to test different headlines and body copy
  • Only test one variable at a time – or else you’ll never know what’s working and what’s not
  • Look at your competitors’ advertising – learn and try to do better. That means don’t copy them!
  • Make your ads as specific and narrowly targeted as possible – the Adwords system will like them and reward you through lower CPCs and/or higher positions
  • Don’t target general key phrases – it’ll drain your budget and result in poor click-through rates
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