My Online Identity Score – 10/10

I tried out William Arruda and Kirsten Dixson’s Online Identity Calculator.

The result?

Online Identity Calculator (beta)

Your online identity score is 10 out of a possible score of 10.

Congratulations. You are digitally distinct. This is the nirvana of online identity. Keep up the good work, and remember that your Google results can change as fast as the weather in New England. So, regularly monitor your online identity. Read Chapter 11 of Career Distinction for more ideas on how to continue to build your brand online.

It’s good to know my online branding is so strong. Not least, because the score is partly calculated on relevant listings on the first three pages of Google.

How is your online branding?

Edit (21 August): Just out of idle curiosity (yes, I had something better to do…) I found that the first 132 results on include me – either written by me, or mention me. There are yet more further down.

7 thoughts on “My Online Identity Score – 10/10

  1. platypus

    Well done, Dave

    You must be doing something right.

    I came up as 8/10.


  2. David Rosam

    Hi Christine

    Is getting a high score important to you?

    If it is, do you have a web site or blog?


  3. I got 10/10 also which surprised me as Google only returned one relevant result in the first 3 pages, my website homepage.

    I have the uphill struggle of competing which quite a successful LA Graphic Artist of the same name and he dominates the top listings…

  4. David Rosam

    Hi Barry

    I guess I’m at least a little fortunate in having a slightly unusual name.

    Have you thought about changing your name? 🙂


  5. David,

    Think I’ll stick with SEO before resorting to more drastic measures!


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