We enjoyed fantastic Spanish food over Christmas

First, I need to declare my interest in the supplier of the Spanish food we bought for over Christmas. Delicioso is a client of ours at Web Positioning Centre.

Having been working on their online marketing during the run-up to Christmas I’ve spent a lot of time looking at the products, and just had to buy some.

The biggest hits were the Mixed Charcuterie and the Chorizo Primera. Just brilliant – as good as anything I’ve had in this country, in fact.

We’re still making our way through the Manchego cheese and the hand-made Red-legged Partridge Paté – both really good.

Finally, the 50-Year-old Sherry Vinegar is worth every penny for someone as fussy about vinegar as me. For my money, a good Sherry Vinegar is up there with all but the silliest priced Balsamics.

If you’re after great Spanish food and ingredients, take a look at the Delicioso site. We’ve been delighted with what we’ve sampled so far.

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