Will this make Adwords’ Content Network attractive?

Like most people, I’ve never found much of a persuasive case for advertising on the Google Adwords Content Network – the conversion rates are normally pretty pitiful.

However, this new feature may just change all that:

Show your ad only when both keywords and placements match. You’ll get the benefits of keyword targeting while also limiting the places where your ad can appear.

For instance, set your campaign to appear only on your favourite soccer fan site and only when the site content matches the keyword soccer shoes. You may see less traffic, but AdWords contextual matching will help to make sure your placement pages are highly targeted.

I’ve not yet tried it. Maybe you have.

One thought on “Will this make Adwords’ Content Network attractive?

  1. they really seem to be upping the ante with the content network of late, about time really as it’s been a bit vague and un-optimisable for too long

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