You can’t cycle on Worthing promenade west of Splash Point

The madness continues here in the People’s Republic of Worthing.

For years you haven’t been able to cycle on the wide promenade west of the town centre, but you can on the narrow promenade to the east. If there’s any logic here, I can’t see it.

The good news, as far as most people are concerned is that this Easter the ban was lifted. ONLY IT WASN”T.

This afternoon I was stopped on said promenade by two nice members of Her Majesty’s Constabulary, who informed me I was breaking the by-law that prevents people riding on the promenade.

According to them the restriction was never raised, and the widespread belief that you can now cycle on the wide promenade was all down to a councellor opening his mouth when he shouldn’t have and ‘the paper’ publishing wrong information. That’s why they were not issuing me with a fine.

They were very friendly and polite, but at what stage does the policy change and people cycling in the belief that they can have a fine slapped on them?

And more bad news, the policeman reckoned it would take ‘years’ before the by-law would be changed, if at all.


4 thoughts on “You can’t cycle on Worthing promenade west of Splash Point

  1. outraged republican

    I think that young hooligans who cycle where innocent octagen-aryans are walking, deserve the full weight of right-minded thinking to come crashing down upon them. They must receive “Nottingham therapy” i.e. tazer several times them given a good thrashing.
    [email protected]

  2. outraged republican

    Perhaps the pain-killers are making of a little sensitive, even reactionary, about those who have the ability to exercise freely.

  3. Mark

    David – it wont be years. There is a proposal with the relevant bodies in government right now. I’d speak with the byelaws officer at Communities and Local Government who can tell you more.

  4. David

    @Mark. Thanks for that.

    I hope the constable was wrong, and that I have time to contact the byelaws officer.

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