Technology is not behaving at Rosam Towers

Since returning from holiday a couple of weeks ago the digital world has been ganging up on me.

First off, after installing gracefully on to my 2010-generation MacBook Air with just 2GB RAM, OS X Lion has been giving problems on my iMac. With a processor running nearly twice as fast as the Air and six times as much RAM, the Lionised iMac has been crawling from time to time and crashed three times over one 24-hour period.

OS X gone all Windows 98 on me?

Then my Drobo went all wobbly when I replaced one of the disks for a larger one. It’s currently got all the original disks back in and it’s telling me it wants over a week to protect my data. Hmmm.

Then I had a brainwave. Perhaps there’s something wrong with the Drobo? Unplugging the Firewire cable from the iMac seems to have restored it to its speedy, reliable self, some 30 hours on.

Fingers crossed.

But I still have what seems to be a sick Drobo, less than two years old. Bah!

Meanwhile, across at Dave’s sound system, the LDR volume control is busily losing a channel for the second time this year, and something has deleted some of my music files off the NAS.

My mate Jim is going to help me build a new LDR volume control – thanks Jim!

And thankfully I have a full archive of all my music, so I’ve not lost anything. It’s just the faffing to make sure I’ve identified all the missing files.

Does it have to be like this?

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