Believe In Peace and Improvisation — Steve Lawson: Bass 2.0

Steve Lawson (@solobasssteve on Twitter) has some interesting stuff to say about improvisation, music and performance in this interview. Even as a non-musician, I find his influences interesting.

They’re some of the people I’ve valued most over the years. I remember back in the 80s falling out with people on Compuserve on the merits and importance of the then little-known Bill Frisell. And Keith Jarrett is just one of music’s all-time greats.

Steve also mentions the Derek Bailey/John Stevens London free crowd from the 60s. I remember seeing them during the late 70s and into the 80s in small venues all over London. That non-idiomatic music only came alive in person. I can hardly listen to it from recordings.

An Interview from AlternativeMatter about Believe In Peace and Improvisation. — Steve Lawson: Bass 2.0 — the soundtrack to the day you wish you’d had.


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