A straw bale building that looks like a building

Let me own up. I’m a Grand Designs nut. And every so often on the programme, someone builds a house of straw (bales). They generally go with a composting toilet and a banner suggesting we all go back to a pre-industrial age.

That’s why this remarkably mainstream-looking structure caught my attention. It belongs in a 21st century vernacular, not a medieval one.

High-tech Modular Demountable Café Built Of Straw Bale is a “Learning Aid in Low Impact Environmental Design.” : TreeHugger.

2 thoughts on “A straw bale building that looks like a building

  1. Wow, that is truly ‘funky’ for a straw bale structure. Personally, too many very straight lines for my taste, but cudos to the owners for building with straw. I would love their website if you have it please.
    In the meantime, you may want to check out my site as I have built my own straw bale home, and live there. I can assure you, it is no ‘medieval’ structure. I have all the ‘mod con’s’ and am being gentle on the planet at the same time (more than most anyway!)
    Let me know the name of the web site for the above cafe and I wuold love to blog on it too.
    Eco Straw House

  2. David

    Hi Kandi

    Just before I go to sleep, if you click on the link just below the last pic, it’ll take you to Tree Hugger, where there’s this para:

    I really lost count of how many TreeHugger buttons this building pushes. The Straw Bale Café by Hewitt Studios is “an extended 100 seat cafe, refurbished kitchen and cafe terrace for the Holme Lacy campus of the Herefordshire College of Technology. The extension is conceived as a College learning aid in low-impact environmental design”

    There are links to Hewitt Studios and to the Herefordshire College of Technology sites.

    I think that should do you. Please shout if it doesn’t.

    Tomorrow, I’ll have a look at your site and your house.

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