My Diabetes: Tim Ferriss to the rescue

I don’t think I’ve said much on Dangerous Thinking about my Diabetes – I was diagnosed as Type 2 just before Christmas 2010.

After more than a year working with my diabetes nurse and GP to get my medication right, I ended up on one Gliclazide tablet a day and three Metformins. That’s not far off needing to inject Insulin, some have said.

One of my goals for 2012 was to become purely diet-controlled, that is, come off all diabetes medication.

Some form of low carbohydrate diet makes a lot of sense for diabetics, and being a borderline geek, I decided to give Tim Ferriss’ Slow Carb diet in his book The Four-Hour Body a go.

In less than three weeks, I’ve been able to come off all my diabetes medication, after my blood sugar levels have plummeted.

Time for celebration, I think. Thanks Tim!

4 thoughts on “My Diabetes: Tim Ferriss to the rescue

  1. Tim


    I am a type 2 diabetic and was diagnosed in late 2010, like you. Currently I am on 1 Glipizide tablet and 2 Metaformin a day. I have been following the Slow Carb diet for about a Month. I typically get morning readings in the 4 to 5 range. I am still on my medication. My question is: What happened when you went off the medication – did your blood sugar levels go up again or not. Also curious on how you did your ‘cheat day’ while you stil were a diabetic.

    I too would like to get off my mediciation.

    Thanks in advance


  2. David

    Hi Tim

    I came off my medication because I was getting a hypo almost every day. I cam off the Gliclazide in week one and the Metformin in week 2. The hypo problem has almost disappeared.

    Since I went off the medication, my blood sugar levels are typically 4-6, sometimes peaking at 8.

    I do the binge day religiously, but try not to eat too much sugar in one sitting (emphasis on ‘try’). I don’t measure my blood sugar level during the binge day, but when I test the next day, the levels have returned to normal.

    My GP and Diabetes Nurse are keeping a close eye on my long-term blood sugar level (can’t think of the name of the test ATM), and I’m sure they’ll have me back on Metformin in an instant if they could 😉

    I came off the the meds because the hypos. Have you got to that stage yet?

    Do you feel any better on the slow-carb diet?

    1. David

      Thanks Aideen.

      It’s interesting to see that Newcastle’s research is stressing fat as the key factor in Type 2 Diabetes.

      That does chime with the benefits I’m having through weight loss.

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