The joys of moving house

House on wheels.We moved on the Saturday before Christmas, and have realised the paperwork and red tape continue on way past the perceived finish line.

We still don’t have broadband, and won’t have it until next Thursday. We’ve had BT at their bonkers worst in setting up a service that already existed in the house. I’m thankful I’m not dealing with them directly, having decided to get our phone line and broadband from Zen Internet. I hope they live up to their good reputation in the long run. They’re doing OK so far.

Frankly, if Littlehampton had cable, we’d have stayed with VirginMedia. Dealing with just one layer of supplier is so much less stressful.

Then, as we have a thumping great asset on our hands (I’m not complaining), Sam and I have been looking into getting Wills drawn up. To be honest, our coffers are a bit empty at the moment, so hundreds of pounds for a solicitor-written Will isn’t that attractive. Nor is the idea of doing it ourselves or buying a DIY pack and filling it in.

But we have found a very interesting alternative, in the shape on an online Will service. We’ve been recommended this one, so all we need to do now is to figure out what we want to happen to our assets.

Oh, and there’s the never-ending list of financial institutions, retailers and utility companies who need to be told that we’ve moved. As well as insurance and a load of other things that I haven’t even identified yet.

I think we need a few of these chaps 🙂

Dave the Minion

 Thanks to nggalai for permission to use the moving house image.

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