About me

I shan’t bore you with a CV, but here’s some of what I’m about:

Search Engine Optimization

I’m co-founder of Web Positioning Centre and specialise in Online Marketing Strategy, Pay Per Click and SEO Copywriting.

I blog at Writing For SEO, too.


Before I refocused on online marketing, I spent some 20 years writing copy for all sorts of clients; mainly direct mail and below-the-line material. I still keep my hand in from time to time, if the project looks interesting.

Food and cooking

Yes, this explains the waistline! My Mum taught me to cook when I was a child. Then, at university, I discovered a) I really enjoyed cooking and b) I was the only person in wherever I lived who could cook!


The antidote to the above… Oh, and just for fun.

Choi Kwang Do

I took up a martial art in my 50s. I hope to get my Black Belt this year.


I almost decided to make a career of photography, but became a writer instead. Until recently, I preferred to use film and work in black & white almost exclusively. These days, I mostly use my iPhone and a Canon G12.

Music & Hi-Fi

I listen to jazz, world music, reggae, dub, electronica, some rock, baroque and 20th/21st century classical (I suppose I should say composed) music.

I have a huge number of CDs which I’ve recently finished transferring to a NAS drive, and listen to something just about all the time I’m awake and not talking to someone else. Even the system on my office desk is old, but probably better than most people have in their living room.

I run a hi-fi and music forum called Audio Chews.


Keeps the lid on all the above 😉


David Rosam

Littlehampton, West Sussex, United Kingdom