New Anti-Spam measures needed

When Spam-Free WordPress died on me this month, I returned to using Akismet. I realise why I moved on. It excludes most spam from Dangerous Thinking, but it lets through enough for checking comments to become a burden. Time to look for something else, or something to supplement Akismet.

Dangerous Thinking’s new theme – again!

I only changed DT-‘s theme a few weeks ago, but it had a few problems. As I’m not a techy I decided to use a theme I’ve played with before and found to my liking, rather than investigate what was wrong and how it could be fixed. Perhaps zeeStyle is more conventional in appearance, but it has certain usability advantages, as well as a lot of nice stuff in its innards. I’m still messing with the detailed set-up, so you may see some changes over the coming days.

The Spam-free WordPress plug-in is broken

Yesterday I noticed a large number of comments on a post on my home page. Spam was my first thought, and I was right. On 13 May, the Spam-free WordPress Plug-in stopped working here, and I found nearly 1500 spam comments distributed throughout Dangerous Thinking that had to be deleted. I don’t know what’s up with Spam-free WordPress. I don’t trust it any more, so I don’t really care. I’ve gone back to Akismet. The odd spam getting through is better than 1500 in a week!