Dangerous Thinking’s new theme – again!

I only changed DT-‘s theme a few weeks ago, but it had a few problems. As I’m not a techy I decided to use a theme I’ve played with before and found to my liking, rather than investigate what was wrong and how it could be fixed. Perhaps zeeStyle is more conventional in appearance, but it has certain usability advantages, as well as a lot of nice stuff in its innards. I’m still messing with the detailed set-up, so you may see some changes over the coming days.

My site at davidrosam.co.uk has changed

Just as Dangerous Thinking has changed, so has my site at davidrosam.co.uk. The old Vamp Until Ready blog content has been absorbed into Dangerous Thinking, while I’ve put a flavors.me site on my personal domain, featuring most of my social media feeds and links to Internet properties. Why not have a look at www.davidrosam.co.uk and let me know what you think?

Just in case you’re wondering…

Dangerous Thinking is going back to its original role as my blog – my only blog, in the original sense of the word. That means I’ve merged DT’s content with that from Vamp Until Ready (was at www.davidrosam.co.uk) and Meals on Blogs (was at www.mealsonblogs.com). There’s an amount of housekeeping and setting up still to do – indeed, the nameservers are still doing their thing as I write this – so please forgive anything that doesn’t yet look entirely sensible 😉

Too many pix on Vamp Until Ready

This blogging and social media lark is a perennial round of sucking it and seeing. For some time I ran a Tumblr Tumblog alongside VUR for short snippets of stuff. Then I was seduced by Posterous and its super-easy publishing via e-mail. The People’s Republic of Worthing Telegraph was born! One of many seductive aspects of Posterous is being able to post on to Twitter, Flickr, other blogs and so on. But I’ve ended up with a growing amount of duplicate content – something that my daytime SEO head gets disturbed by as well – and have decided to take...

Back up again

That was a painless upgrade. There’s just one thing that’s not working – the Shared news panel in the sidebar. I can’t see why not, so I’m assuming it’s a feed problem, at least until tomorrow.