The Thousandth Post

Last week I noticed that this post was going to be my thousandth on Dangerous Thinking. It must be some kind of milestone, and I felt I should acknowledge it in some way. But how? I asked my Twitter followers, and no one came up with the right idea. In fact, there weren’t that many ideas at all! Should I attempt to summarise the state of the art in SEO? Integrate the SEO and Social Media worlds? Eradicate spam in one fell swoop? Maybe next month… Dangerous Thinking has been around since December 2000/January 2001, and has gone through some...

Gotta get that blog on the road!

Yeah, I know. Meals on Blogs has been woefully devoid of new content recently. Business and illness have both intervened, and shouted louder than Meals on Blogs. So somehow I’ve missed out on writing about a trip to Paris, Christmas and so much more. So here I am on 1st February saying there should be more fun in my life – including writing MoB!

Sorry for any loss of service

A planned server move was brought forward by two weeks when our old hosting company lost php service for hours last night. The hurried move didn’t quite go as smoothly as I’d hoped, but we got there! I hope M O B will be much happier at A Small Orange. How apt!

Welcome to Meals on Blogs

Rather than just dive in to this new blog, I guess I should say hi and explain myself. Meals on Blogs is about me and my relationship with food. I like food, cooking, restaurants and wine, and have some opinions on what we eat. And like the owner of one other famous food blog, I have rather a large number of cookbooks and food-related tomes – some 130 as counted yesterday. So here’s my life in food…