Where do you buy decent cheese round here?

One of the big things missing in Worthing food-wise is a place that sells a range of decent cheese. Good quality stuff that’s in great condition and ready to put on the cheeseboard. This weekend, I’ve discovered that the Village Deli in Ferring fits the bill. The Camembert, in particular was great – really ripe and runny, not the stuff with the texture and taste of housebricks you get from the supermarket. What with the Organic butcher’s and the coffee shop – and the nice bike ride along the Ilex – Ferring is going to be a more regular stop.

So what’s on the menu, then chef?

A trip over to Ferring yielded coffee paraphernalia – more about that later – some bread and cheese from the deli, and some meat from the Organic butcher’s. Let’s do this weekend properly! I’m now looking for something yummy to do with some lamb fillet and wondering whether I should do anything apart from char-grilling the wildebeest steaks. I kid you not. Anyone have any suggestions?

Today we went to the Italian Market

We tasted our way around the stalls in Montague Street, Worthing, and came back with some fantastic stuff. From top left, clockwise: broccoli pesto, tomato and onion focaccia, Italian white bread with olives, Italian sausage with fennel, scirocco pesto (with tuna, olive oil, capers, mint and garlic), prosciutto, black olives, artichoke hearts, green olives, sweet garlic, cheese (I can’t at the moment remember what it is, but it’s pleasingly strong!), and red pesto. And in the middle, a litre of wonderful unfiltered, fruity, peppery extra-virgin olive oil. That should keep us going for a day or two. 🙂

Why is roast pork such a challenge?

I think I need to be clear before I start this moan/rant/worry – whatever it is. I love roast pork, when done properly. That’s when it’s juicy, not dry. But what do you do with a joint of pork? The traditional crackling bit does horrendous things to my diet, so I’m always look-out for something creative to do with pork. I know what I like to do with roast chicken or roast lamb – the flavours that make these really memorable. I know not to mess about with beef – just get the biggest and best joint that I can...