I’ve been bingeing today and my blood sugar level is just 4.2!

The Four-hour Body diet Sam and I have been following insists on a binge day. That’s everything you want to eat, and lots of it! Today, looking at the sugary/carby stuff, I’ve been pigging out on a bacon, sausage, eggy bread and maple syrup breakfast, chips at lunchtime, a slice of cake mid-afternoon and some M&Ms along the way. I thought I’d check my blood sugar level to see how far off track I’d gone. Not even a little. The figure is a low 4.2. Fantastic!

Beef and Beer casserole with mushrooms and rosemary

Nothing out of the mainstream here. Just a comforting casserole for one of the cold, stormy nights we’ve been having recently. Feeds two 350g braising steak Around 20 pickling onions or small shallots A small pack of button mushrooms, sliced or left whole according to size Two sticks of celery, finely chopped Oil – whatever you prefer, groundnut, vegetable or olive Flour Salt & Pepper 500ml of dark ale – my wife bought Wychwood Hobgoblin, but anything with a bit of body will do just fine 3 bay leaves A handful of rosemary leaves, stripped from their stalks Heat the...

Low(-ish) fat sausage casserole

Sausage casserole is one of those things I love to cook during the winter, and I think winter is definitely here. I bought some low-fat pork sausages and dry-cure smoked back bacon from Waitrose for brunch on Sunday; I used up the remaining sausages and bacon last night in what Sam said was an excellent sausage casserole. I agree, so I thought I’d share the recipe with you. For two 4 low-fat sausages 2 rashers of back bacon, most of their fat removed and cut into strips (not too small, or the bacon will get lost in the gravy) 3...

Low-fat burgers I actually enjoy

It’s the barbecue season (fingers crossed for the weather!), and that sometimes means burgers. All the experts tell me something I can agree with – make burgers with beef with a good percentage of fat for moisture and flavour. Saturated animal fat is a complete killer for most diets, of course. But I’ve found a great alternative. Get down to Marks & Spencer and buy a pack of their Oisin Venison Grill Steaks – just 2.5 Weight Watchers points for a 140g burger, not at all gamey-tasting, and juicy. What a find!

To Aspartame or not to Aspartame

For someone trying to lose weight, like myself, the artificial sweetener, Aspartame, is a fact of life. Something that’s pretty unavoidable without some serious lifestyle change considerations. As my friend Loli once remarked, my consumption of diet cola is so out of kilter with my advocacy of things Organic, and active avoidance of too many processed things in my diet (‘too many’ – what a wonderful fudge!). I have no real excuse. I’ll have to accept the brickbats. But what brought on this post on? Well, on Friday night, after some noodles from the local take-away my wife suffered severe...