Herman Cake – apple flavour

Here we go. Fresh out the oven. Herman Cake with grated apple. It took some 20 minutes longer than the sheet that came with him suggested to get it fully cooked, and perhaps I should have protected the cake a bit. But it didn’t collapse in the middle as the sheet said. Edit: The cake is very yummy, although I wish I’d not grated the apple, or had used cookers instead of Cox’s. A little more appley oomph would have made it just about perfect.

Braised Pork Shin with Saffron Mashed Potatoes

Continuing on my trip through the highlights of Simon Hopkinson’s The Good Cook, this week’s choice is back on form. Hopkinson at his best, with an Anglicisation of an Italian classic – Osso Buco with Saffron Risotto. Braised Pork Shin with Saffron Mashed Potatoes substitutes cheap, easily obtainable pork shin for veal shin, and potatoes for rice. The white wine braise is very much like in Osso Buco recipes. The resultant sauce is a match made in heaven for the saffron flavoured mash, and a slightly tweaked gremolata gives the whole assemblage a fresh, slightly acidic lift. Anyhow, last week...

The Pleasures of Herman Cake – and how to join in

Sam brought Herman home a couple of weeks ago. We took care of him for ten days, giving him a little stir now and again, feeding him occasionally and making sure he didn’t get cold. Am I going mad? Nope. Herman is a sough dough culture for cake, not for bread as is usually the case. On the tenth day, you divide Herman into five, give four pieces to your friends and use the fifth to make a cake batter. And what a cake! You’d never believe it came from a sour dough culture – there’s no sourness. And it’s...

One good recipe. One bad

The poached chicken recipe I blogged about yesterday wasn’t that special. Not exactly bad. Quite nice, but lacking in flavour; neither Sam nor I were impressed by the cooked cucumbers. However, the chicken salad is very good, and I’ll definitely make it again. If you’re planning to cook the two recipes, I can give you one piece of advice. Joint the chicken into breast and leg quarters and put the legs aside for the salad. In this way, you’ll have the skin intact for the next day.

Preparing for the weekend’s food

After last week’s success with a recipe from Simon Hopkinson’s The Good Cook, we’ve decided on another foray into those pages this weekend. We’ve chosen a pair of chicken recipes that give two meals from one chicken. They’re Poached Chicken with Saffron Sauce and CucumberĀ for Saturday, followed by Hot Chicken Salad with Sweet Mustard DressingĀ on Sunday. OK, they may be a bit summery for December, but what the heck!