The joys of moving house

We moved on the Saturday before Christmas, and have realised the paperwork and red tape continue on way past the perceived finish line. We still don’t have broadband, and won’t have it until next Thursday. We’ve had BT at their bonkers worst in setting up a service that already existed in the house. I’m thankful I’m not dealing with them directly, having decided to get our phone line and broadband from Zen Internet. I hope they live up to their good reputation in the long run. They’re doing OK so far. Frankly, if Littlehampton had cable, we’d have stayed with...

The Great Pasta Machine Disaster

We eat a lot of pasta. Indeed, a lot of the food I cook is Italian/Mediterranean influenced. And one day I’d like to live somewhere where the olive is native. One thing I’d never done, though, is to make my own pasta. I’d kind of lumped it with making pastry as one of those things I don’t do so well, and there are perfectly acceptable alternatives available from the shops. As you may have guessed, that argument doesn’t really rub in my kitchen, so I bit the bullet and bought myself a machine and all the OO flour, semolina and...


Actually, nothing at all to do with market, but a general grumble about my inability to get the stone out of a mango without dragging half the flesh with it. How do they do it in restaurants? Or is it a variety thing like the strawberries we get these days in the shops that never give up their hulls cleanly? I remember the days… Any suggestions, oh knowledgeable reader?

Getting my priorities right

I’m completely knackered, and need a holiday. So I’ve done the next best thing, and taken a long weekend off. And guess what I’m going to do? Yep – cook, eat, drink and be merry. And maybe even visit a restaurant or two. Now, that’s a weekend 🙂

Too much eating out, too many ready meals (shame on me) and easy stand-bys

Hmm. MOB started so well, but last weekend we were away at a wedding in Dorset, and this week business has had me working evenings and most of the weekend… So not much to talk about on the cooking front. Even a cooking fiend like myself gets overwhelmed and to the stage where he can’t really think about making something really nice. So, last week we had Sunday lunch in a very nice place in Swanage. If you find yourself in that neck of the woods, try the simple fresh food at the Moonlight Bistro. They were kind enough to...