Audio Chews

At the end of last year, four friends and I launched a hi-fi and music community – Audio Chews. It was, at first, invitation only, but we opened it up to anyone who wants to join on 1 January this year. It’s growing nicely, with a good core of active and knowledgeable posters. While there are plenty of places to talk about hi-fi and music on the web, Audio Chews is special because we’re brand-agnostic, treat industry and individual members equally, and seek to promote a real community feel. I hope I’ll see you there, even if you’re not a...

Remembering my Dad

It’s a year since my Dad died. It was in rather distressing circumstances, it must be said. I hope you’re doing better wherever you are. Sam and I, plus other members of the family and your friends are thinking of you. You are so missed by everyone who knew you.