I’ve been bingeing today and my blood sugar level is just 4.2!

The Four-hour Body diet Sam and I have been following insists on a binge day. That’s everything you want to eat, and lots of it! Today, looking at the sugary/carby stuff, I’ve been pigging out on a bacon, sausage, eggy bread and maple syrup breakfast, chips at lunchtime, a slice of cake mid-afternoon and some M&Ms along the way. I thought I’d check my blood sugar level to see how far off track I’d gone. Not even a little. The figure is a low 4.2. Fantastic!

A quick slow-carb and diabetes update

I wrote a few days ago about how I’ve managed to come off all my diabetes medication in less than three weeks of Tim Ferriss’ slow carb diet. About a week on, and one binge day past, I’m finding no problem at all keeping my blood sugar level between 5 and 7 – even on the binge day and the day afterwards. This is great. Now I can focus on losing some weight, feeling great in myself.

My Diabetes: Tim Ferriss to the rescue

I don’t think I’ve said much on Dangerous Thinking about my Diabetes – I was diagnosed as Type 2 just before Christmas 2010. After more than a year working with my diabetes nurse and GP to get my medication right, I ended up on one Gliclazide tablet a day and three Metformins. That’s not far off needing to inject Insulin, some have said. One of my goals for 2012 was to become purely diet-controlled, that is, come off all diabetes medication. Some form of low carbohydrate diet makes a lot of sense for diabetics, and being a borderline geek, I...