Will this make Adwords’ Content Network attractive?

Like most people, I’ve never found much of a persuasive case for advertising on the Google Adwords Content Network – the conversion rates are normally pretty pitiful. However, this new feature may just change all that: Show your ad only when both keywords and placements match. You’ll get the benefits of keyword targeting while also limiting the places where your ad can appear. For instance, set your campaign to appear only on your favourite soccer fan site and only when the site content matches the keyword soccer shoes. You may see less traffic, but AdWords contextual matching will help to...

Google approves White Hat SEO

Google’s Matt Cutts is quite unequivocal in this presentation about Web Spam. “Search Engine Optimization isn’t spam,” he explains. He’s also clear about what makes a site spammy. It’s definitely worth 10 minutes of your time. You’ll also be able to see why SEO and great content should be one and the same thing.

Straight in at No 5 on Google

Working in SEO, I get hung up on these kind of things… It’s just a few days since I imposed this site on the unsuspecting Interweb, but it’s already showing at position No 5 on google.co.uk (Web) for “David Rosam”. That’s the first page of many featuring me – go on, try it, if you have nothing better to do. The power of an appropriate domain name and a few well-chosen links, I say!

Google: 80% of clicks are on natural listings

I’ve been hugely busy in the run-up to Christmas, and almost missed this very important admission by Google. Somehow, it seems to have attracted less comment in the blogosphere than it deserves. mad.co.uk in PPC shot down by SEO experts reports: Stuart Small, industry leader, business and industrial markets at Google, backed up the argument and said that with 85% of all B2B purchases starting in a search engine, paid search ads were vital to any business. He added that Google sees 80% of searchers clicking on organic results, with 20% clicking on search ads. (my italics) That’s a pretty...