The Universal Mind of Bill Evans

After enjoying the Gil Evans Big Band video yesterday, I found this nugget. I think this is the first time I’ve heard the pianist interviewed, and he has a lot of interesting stuff to say. I’ll leave it to rickstolk, who posted the video on YouTube, to introduce the interview: Please check my jazzblog at From the jazzpages personal archives, I bring you the intriguing documentary ‘The Universal Mind Of Bill Evans’. Several years ago, Rhapsody released a 21-minute video called ‘Bill Evans On The Creative Process’, a badly edited reduction of a 1966 TV program introduced by Steve Allen,...

RIP Paul Motian. I’ll miss you so much

Since drummer Paul Motian died in New York earlier this week, there has been an enormous outpouring of tributes, emotion, grief and anecdotes all over the Internet. Personally, he’s a musician I’ve seen live many times. I’m a fan; Motian is my favourite drummer and one of my favourite composers. A completely unique artist, who had a completely personal approach to time. I’m not qualified to say much about the great man, so I’ll let you choose from the writings of those who are.