The Thousandth Post

Last week I noticed that this post was going to be my thousandth on Dangerous Thinking. It must be some kind of milestone, and I felt I should acknowledge it in some way. But how? I asked my Twitter followers, and no one came up with the right idea. In fact, there weren’t that many ideas at all! Should I attempt to summarise the state of the art in SEO? Integrate the SEO and Social Media worlds? Eradicate spam in one fell swoop? Maybe next month… Dangerous Thinking has been around since December 2000/January 2001, and has gone through some...

Google approves White Hat SEO

Google’s Matt Cutts is quite unequivocal in this presentation about Web Spam. “Search Engine Optimization isn’t spam,” he explains. He’s also clear about what makes a site spammy. It’s definitely worth 10 minutes of your time. You’ll also be able to see why SEO and great content should be one and the same thing.

Where are your customers going to come from?

Easing myself back into this 2008 blogging thing gently, 15 Principles of Internet Marketing from Conversation Marketing had me nodding at its simple wisdom: 75% of your audience uses a search engine to find you. Get used to it. All the banners and ‘viral’ marketing on earth won’t come close to results produced by a top 5 ranking for a relevant phrase. Kind of fits in with my last post.