Google’s search engine ignores Google Local

A few weeks ago I asked Is localisation affecting your search engine performance? Obviously, moving a site with a .com domain to a UK-based server will solve the problem of getting the UK rankings. But my colleague Paul Silver wondered if we we could find another way of establishing this blog’s UK provenance. We ended up registering Dangerous Thinking on Google Local, so Google knew that the blog had a real physical UK location. We sat back and waited to see if Google Search picked up on the Google Local registration. Some six weeks later, it hadn’t, so we’ve...

Trying out some people search engines

By a strange coincidence, after this morning’s entry on My Online Identity Score, and at the risk of getting truly sidetracked from the main themes of this blog, Adam Ostrow tests 6 People Search Engines on Mashable. Out of interest, I looked for myself on those that weren’t down for maintenance (overload, perhaps?). Mr 10/10 Rosam even doesn’t feature on many of them, so at the moment it looks as if you’re better off starting with Google if you’re trying to track someone down.

Lots of search goodies – all in one place

I’ve just bookmarked sputtr. It’s a site (really a page) that allows you to search on more engines and resources than you could probably name (mutterings of ‘name ten famous Belgians’ are heard from a shadowy corner of the office). I think sputtr needs something more to make it really compelling, and I’d like the buttons labelled, because even I don’t recognise all the services I can choose from.